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Mark is committed to teaching anyone who comes through the door how far they can take their bodies. He does this with a great balance of intensity and rest. He addresses proper technique and insures everyone is having fun. I am impressed with Mark's ability to work with all age levels from youth to retirees. This is a testimony to the respect people in our community have for Mark. My career has taken me to many gyms throughout the Midwest where I have experienced personal trainers working with individuals. It cannot be emphasized enough what Mark is providing in knowledge, expertise and professionalism in a fitness environment to our community. We are blessed to have a guy of Mark's talent willing to start classes at 5:00AM to accommodate all schedules. I have been and avid runner and lifter for years. Nothing compares to the Kettlebell workout. I seem to feel an immediate response to the workout which is unlike anything I have experienced. I attribute this to the workouts designed by Mark. I enjoy every minute of it. Keep up the great work. 

John Leonard - Vinton, IA

State Farm Agent




I took my personal training staff from The University of Iowa to Vinton, Iowa in order to get a few basics of KB training and learn KB technique from Mark. Not only does his passion for fitness and KB training shine, he was an excellent instructor, knowledgeable trainer, caring professional, and overall, a smart, dedicated, real individual. I would, without a doubt, visit his facility again and ask Mark to help educate future professionals in an instant. He is a very personable and educated KB leader. Just visiting his facility and being around his spirit of KB training makes one want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and explore the greatness he shares of KB training. Mark's leadership makes me wish I lived closer to Vinton, Iowa so that I could train with him on a weekly basis.

Angela Charsha
Iowa City, Iowa USA

At the most recent RKC weekend in St. Paul April 2008, I had the good fortune to meet Mark and was even more fortunate to have him assigned to my team as one of my Assistant Instructors. Our task that weekend was to teach, perfect, and evaluate a group of students who were attending the course to certify as RKC instructors. The first thing I noticed about Mark was his precision when he was demonstrating kettlebell techniques. He has excellent form. He has the ability to transfer his knowledge (as I watched him with the students). He offered good insight, a thorough knowledge of the RKC system, and confidence in his teaching. He is extremely personable and friendly. What I saw and experienced of Mark, through discussion, observing his demonstrations, his evaluations of our students, and his ability to teach left me fully confident to recommend Mark at the top of my list! I know I will see Mark again at future RKC events and look forward to friendship with this quality individual. Thanks for your assistance, Mark. It was my pleasure!

Zar Horton
RKC Team Leader - FireBellz KB Studio
Albuquerque, NM USA

"I have known Mark for almost 9 years. Mark approached me a year ago to learn about kettlebells and was asking questions about starting his own training business. His sponge-like attitude towards learning along with doing what he says and living what he teaches is what sets him apart in the personal training field. Mark's attention to detail is second to none. I recommend Mark without hesitation. The best you could do for yourself and your health is to sign-up for any class he has to offer!"

Brad Nelson
Owner of Kinetic Edge Performance
B.S. CSCS RKC Team Leader Z Level III
Woodbury, MN

"I really liked all of the exercises and lifts that Mark showed our team. The circuit training he put us through is going to pay huge dividends for our endurance strength. These workouts will help to improve our explosiveness in our hips and legs, which is vital for our sport. Core strength is the key to power and staying injury free, especially in wrestling, as someone is physically trying to tear you down. Thanks Mark, for sharing your knowledge with us."

Eric Keller
Associate Head Wrestling Coach
Wartburg College

  "First of all I have to Congratulate Mark on passing the RKC Certification with flying colors. I had the privilege of instructing Mark at the June RKC in 2007 and I must say that among my entire group Mark stood out as one of the top overall students in terms of technique, ability to learn and take instruction as well as his ability to communicate his message to others. Mark is a genuine, honest and personable trainer that cares about people. Mark has my highest recommendation and anyone who works with him should count themselves extremely fortunate."

Franz Snideman
RKC Team Leader, CHEK, NMT
La Jolla, CA

"As a former world-ranked swimmer and Division I head swim coach I thought I had seen all the possible strength training possibilities out there. It seems crazy to me that I discovered Kettlebells at age 36, after having 3 children, living in small town Vinton, Iowa! At a time in my life when I really wanted to get in shape fast I couldn't be more pleased with the results of training with Kettlebells. I am now seeing muscle definition in places I haven't seen since my collegiate swimming days. In addition I have lived with chronic back pain due to a fairly severe curve in my spine (likely why I selected swimming as my sport). After routinely doing Kettlebell training for a month I have seen a HUGE improvement in this area. I believe it has helped balance out the muscles in my back and gotten them stronger and therefore relieving much back pain and discomfort.

Thanks Mark to introducing me to this type of training... I'm sold!"

Garland O'Keeffe Wilson
Former University of Iowa Head Women's Swim Coach
Indiana University collegiate swimmer / record holder



My wife and I have known Mark for several years, and were excited to give Kettlebells a try when we heard that Mark had become an instructor. We have been through 2 workouts now with Mark, and what great workouts they were! I am amazed at the quality of workout that can be achieved in just 30-45 minutes. Mark really takes the time to thoroughly explain all maneuvers, and is patient with us when our technique needs correction. Through his solid instruction, he has motivated me to continue kettlebell workouts on my own and I am excited about the results that I will achieve.

You heard it here - quickly grab a spot in one of Mark's kettlebell classes before they are gone!

Stewartville, MN

Mark is an excellent kettlebell instructor. He knows how to help each person focus on their individual goals while working with a group. The kettlebell workouts are great for everybody no matter what age. Whether you want to just get in better shape, slim off the extra pounds, or gain strength and muscle mass, Mark has what you need to achieve your goals. His workouts increased my strength and power. It also improved my endurance as the kettlebell workouts are very good cardiovascular exercises. Mark also knows how to push each person in the way they need it which has helped with the mental toughness that is needed to compete at a high level.

Ryan Hill
3 x State High School Qualifier
2 x State High School Place Winner

I have been an avid runner for many years. Realizing the benefits of strength training I have started numerous weight lifting programs. I was never successful due to lack of guidance and just plain boredom. I started Kettlebells with Mark three months ago. The strength and cardio workout I achieve from each session is awesome. Mark is a positive and motivational instructor. He does a great job of varying the exercises to make each workout different. I now look forward to strength training thanks to Mark!

Patty Peterson


Before having surgery almost 3 years ago, I was somewhat in shape. I worked out and could run almost 2 miles a day. After having to take off more than 8 weeks I found myself unable to get back into a routine and definitely unable to run 2 miles. As a result I gained more than 35lbs. My husband started Kettlebells before me and loved it. I saw how he was losing inches and feeling better about himself. So, I started! Even though it was slow going, hard for me to get out of bed so early in the morning and only making it 2 days a week. I am happy to say that since August of 2007 I have lost 14lbs, 23inches; going now 3 days a week and I just ran my first mile in almost 3 years. The best feeling however, was watching a movie one night and noticing that I had muscle definition in my arms!

Carrie Powers
Professional Photographer


  I have been enjoying my Kettlebell experience with Mark. Mark is a good instructor. He is motivating but also pushes you in a kind way. I look forward to continuing on this journey to become more physically fit with Mark's help. I like doing these workouts so much I am going to get up at 5:00 A.M. to do it. Mark is very accommodating and wants to help us all achieve.

Jessica Druschel
School Counselor

I have been training three days a week with kettlebells for about five weeks. I was a little skeptical before the intro class as to whether or not KB’s were for me. I enjoy high cardio so I wasn’t sure this would be of any benefit to me. WOW!!! I workout every day of the week but this is a whole different level. I have limited time in the mornings that is another reason I like KB’s because it combines strength training and cardio. I have already started to notice an increase in my endurance when I run. I am definitely getting stronger too. Mark is a very motivational Instructor. I respect him because he takes KB’s very seriously. You can tell he cares about helping people achieve there goals to be more fit and healthy. His classes are a lot of Fun. But make sure you come prepared to work hard. Thanks Mark!


Mark and I have been friends for a long time. We use to lift free weights together and hung out a lot. I have always looked up to him as an athlete and his physical ability. I was interested in Kettlebells as soon as Mark emailed me a little video and said he was headed to MN to get RKC certified. Mark invited me to the Intro and have gone ever since. That was almost six months ago. This marks the longest I have ever stuck with an exercise program. This says a lot. LOL You just can't beat getting such an intense workout in less then an hour. It is so much easier to fit into the schedule being forty-five minutes and Mark's availability of different time slots to fit me in. He literally bends over backwards for everyone wanting to experience the KB's. Besides muscles taking on a different appearance on my body the biggest and most beneficial change I have noticed is... I use to get out of bed in the mornings and literally hobble down the stairs sideways with both hands on the railing. Till I was loosened up for the day. My wife would tell me you look like you are eighty. My response was I feel like it. I blamed it on previous injuries both broken feet and being thirty something. LOL Since KB's I literally can jump from bed hit the alarm clock and run down the stairs. It is amazing how much better I feel physically and mentally. If you are on the fence about trying KB's, do it once and you will be hooked. Thanks Mark! I do ENJOY THE PAIN!

Shane Powers

"In May of 2006 my neighbor talked me into running three mornings a week to avoid wasting time sleeping in. The timing was very good as my cholesterol was too high, which combined with a family history of heart problems, motivated me to exercise. With the regular running, I was able to eliminate the cholesterol medication within a few months.

The routine runs not only addressed my health issues, but also motivated me to want to exercise more. I began lifting weights again, but struggled to stay committed. As a former wrestler, I've tried to maintain some level of fitness over the years. Lifting weights seemed to be the logical method of achievement. However, as in recent years, motivation and commitment were lacking.

When Mark first mentioned Kettlebell training earlier this year, he instantly had my interest. I'd heard of Kettlebells, but that was about the extent of my knowledge on the exercise/sport. However, after the Saturday, June 30th early morning workout, I was hooked. When asked about the workouts, or beatdowns, as there commonly referred to, I struggle to explain it. It's difficult to put into words how intense of a muscular and cardiovascular workout you receive in a relatively short workout.

Mark is very detailed with his instruction, taking the time to not only demonstrate the proper technique of the exercise, but also to insure our safety with the appropriate amount of weight. The circuit/station training is different at each workout session, keeping my interest and motivation. I've been in Kettelbell training for three months and have yet to go through the same routine twice. My body aches after each workout, not a painful ache, but rather a feel good pain that motivates me to come back for more.

At 42 years young, my body is in as good of physical condition as it was in my early twenties. Thanks to Mark and the Kettlebell Advantage."

Barry Shaw
Customer Service Manager

I'm 20 years old and I've been a CNA (certified nurse assistant) for a couple of years now. I had already started to develop a tight and sore lower back from all the work and moving we do in a bent over position. After doing kettlebells for only a week I could really notice that my lower back wasn't near as sore. I love kettlebells, they are so much fun, and I plan on doing them for a long time to come.

Brent Flickinger


I just wanted to share with you a personal experience that makes me glad I decided to try Kettlebell workouts.

Virtually my whole life I had been blessed by having blood pressure readings 120 over 80. The last 2-3 years I would randomly sit down at the machines in Target and Walmart (granted not the most accurate devices) and check my blood pressure. My readings I found were escalating – approx. 3 months ago when I did this my readings were 146 over 95. This “problem” has been in the back of my mind for the last 2-3 years since I started seeing numbers that were out of line. I did not want to go to the doctor as I did not want to face the music. I started taking herbal blood pressure pills – no help. I tried to vary my diet – no help. I all but quit drinking alcohol – no help. I do have a family history on my mothers’ side of high blood pressure and sometimes premature death. I have been very concerned about these facts.

The last 1-2 years I have noticed occasionally that my stability of my legs were sub-par. I would occasionally find myself losing my balance. This has been in the back of my mind as my father and my daughter both have multiple sclerosis – of which the disease tends to affect the legs the most. I know I could acquire the disease and it scares me to death.

Yesterday I had to have a physical exam in lieu of a colonoscopy I am having done next week. No problems thank God – just that time to do since I turn 50 next year. One of the first things the nurse did was to check my blood pressure – I was scared – here we go – it will now be on my medical record and I was sure that I would be receiving counseling regarding my problem. The nurse upon completion undid the band around my arm, looked at me and said oh my – my heart went immediately into my throat. But to my surprise when I sheepishly asked her is there a problem? – she responded no, but she did ask me a question – do you work out & if so have you for quite some time. She informed me that my blood pressure was 106 over 62 – she says they don’t usually see numbers like that except for long term athletes. I damned near jumped up and kissed her.

When I left the clinic yesterday I was on cloud 9 – I started analyzing my activities recently to try to understand what could I have happened to make this difference. I also got to thinking that in the last month I have not felt any weakness or loss of balance in my legs. The only “variable” I can acknowledge is the Kettlebell workouts. The last week or so I have felt “solid” for the first time in years. Outside of wanting to have a good physique, stay young looking, etc. – there may be much more to this workout than just looking good. If doing this workout helps to keep me off meds or slows the onset of other illness I am very grateful and I want to thank you for opening the door!

John Yundt

Life Changing!!! Literally!!!

I tell you what, I have never found a more effective and fun workout than I have with kettlebells. I was using free weights before I started Mark's classes and I got really bored with doing the same thing day in and day out. I needed something new, something that wasn't so monotonous in my everyday life. Since I have started kettlebells with Mark, I have found myself making a complete lifestyle change. I have changed my eating habits, I workout 6 days a week, and I'm planning on getting RKC certified in the future. You couldn't ask for a better instructor than Mark. He is extremely motivational and a lot of fun to be around. If you're thinking about using kettlebells, and live in the area, I strongly advise you to give it a shot. You won't regret it.

Travis Hendricks
Garrison IA / New York, New York USA