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• Private 1hr sessions.  By appointment only!


• Semi-Private (2-4 people) 1hr sessions.  By appointment only! 



• Kettlebell Intro Class - Not sure if Kettlebells are for you?  This 90-minute technique and FUNdamental class will help you decide.  Learn 6 basic Kettlebell drills that will transform your body.  Develop endurance that never quits.  Demand strength. Disintegrate fat.  Unique combination of strength, cardio and flexibility.  Believe me; you’ve never done anything like this before.  All ages and fitness levels ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. NOTE: *MANDATORY!  Prerequisite to all other workouts*  Contact Us for the most up to date schedule or to reserve your spot in our next class.

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• KB Circuits - Leverage your time with our most popular group workout that gets you results in just 45-minutes a day.  Kettlebells and Bodyweight Training are the main focus but we also use a large variety of today's most popular functional equipment like Ropes, Gymnastics Rings, Tires, Sledgehammers and more.  Let your Certified RKC Instructor lead you through each workout they design specific for that day.  You will never get bored because each workout is different and you'll get the personal attention you deserve in a small group setting.  Check our Calendar for workout times. 

Unlimited Monthly Workouts



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• Introduce your Coaching Staff or Athletic Team to Kettlebell Training - If you’re looking for the most effective way to train your Athletes to become more athletic look no further!  As an RKC we don’t believe in “Sport Specific” training.  Rather, keep your strength training general and non specific and work the skills of your sport separately.  Don’t put your Athletes at risk of injury by trying to learn and teach Kettlebell exercises from a book or DVD.  Let us teach you the proper techniques to perform Kettlebell exercises safely.  1 session with a Certified Instructor and you will understand why no other tool can build strength, stamina and power like Russian Kettlebells.  Within 2 to 3 sessions you will be equipped with the knowledge to implement Kettlebell Training in your program effectively.

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• Wanted: Self Motivated Fitness Professionals – Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructors (RKC’s) are in high demand.   Currently in the State of Iowa only 11 RKC’s exist.  Over the next few years that number will dramatically increase.  You only get one chance to be first.  If you live in Eastern Iowa let us help prepare you for the physically demanding 23hr Russian Kettlebell Certification Course held in St. Paul Minnesota conducted by Pavel Tsatsouline himself.  Learn exactly what to train for and what not to waste your time on.  The RKC is MUCH tougher than most people realize and many come in under prepared.  Limited to sixty-five participants these courses always fill up fast.  For complete details Click here.

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• Host a Kettlebell Workshop for your Family, Business, or Organization – Are you the Leader of your Family or Group?  If so, Lead by Example. Take charge of your life and everyone around you will benefit.  You can become a more effective Leader just by committing to a healthy lifestyle.  Taking just a few minutes each day to exercise will boost your energy, build self confidence and make you more productive at whatever you do.  Let us show you how to eliminate the excuse “I’m too busy.”  When you learn a few basic Kettlebell exercises you will quickly understand how effective this tool is at compressing time for fast productive workouts.  There is no need to spend hours at the gym or buy expensive equipment.  Kettlebells can be done at home with little space required. Or, take them with you wherever you go.

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